Chapter 2

Artistic Expression


‘The World Is In Need of This’

In a country that embodies scarcity, we explore a thriving art scene and how Cubans reflect their lives through the works they create. The rich scene is spread across multiple genres and techniques. We share a bit more from a few artists who caught our eye. » READ MORE

Mayelin Guevara


Guevara and Garbos

We may not think of Cuba as a hub for fashion. Yet among the logo-obsessed brand-name-chasers, a strong culture of original, modern style is emerging on the island. One photographer and editor is determined to capture it with her lens. » READ MORE



En Pointe

Cuba without dance is like a ballerina without shoes. But for many dancers in Cuba, dancing without proper shoes is reality. Neither pointe or ballet shoes are officially imported for sale on the island. » READ MORE