Outside In

Havana. A city of contradictions. A city of crumbling infrastructure, but in that deterioration a classic beauty. A place where everyone drives too fast, but waits hours for service at paladars. A place filled with hustlers, many who wouldn’t cheat you out of a penny. It is impossible to get a true feel for Havana as a tourist because a completely separate economy exists for those who visit.

Cuba is in the midst of a sea change. Shifting economics. Shifting climate. Shifting policies as her neighbor 90 miles to the north softens relations. It is a period of optimism for Cuba’s citizens.

We wanted to explore this beautiful country at the start of her next journey. We took 24 storytellers from the University of Florida into Havana for 10 days to share the tales of these proud people.

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These Are Their Stories:

Chapter 1: The Environment
Chapter 2: Artistic Expression
Chapter 3: Models of Femininity
Chapter 4: Growing Opportunity