Chapter 4

Growing Opportunity

A new economy is emerging in Cuba, where the state previously absorbed private enterprise and property. Now — particularly in those industries which cater to tourists — we see entrepreneurial Cubans make more in a day than Cuban doctors could make in a month. For those Cubans who can afford to, turning extra bedrooms into casas particulares or opening a private restaurant paladar or even driving a cab can prove lucrative. As the Cuban economy pivots, we see a bit of capitalism creep in.

We spoke with four individuals on this new reality. From a student at university dreaming of her future, to a chef importing a restaurant concept expected more in a hipster downtown American city than one would imagine in Havana, to an entrepreneurial fixer and casa hostess, to an artist capturing cultural phenomenon, each sees great opportunity in the future.

Video Stories by Maddy McKay, Chris Totzke and Rachel Wang


Food Scene